Friday 23 October 2009

Windows 7: Windows Vista is Dead, Long Live Windows XP (In Virtualization form anyway)

This week Microsoft released Windows 7, its latest Operating System, which effectively puts the final nail in Windows Vista’s coffin. Why? Because if you have yet to migrate your old Windows XP clients, why would you migrate to Vista when a newer, less ‘buggy’ OS is available? Also, Windows 7 gives you something some Windows XP supporters might like – Windows XP – albeit in the form of a Virtual machine. Yes, Windows 7 (Professional, Ultimate & Enterprise editions) comes with a ‘Windows XP mode’ virtual machine, which means you can run your old Windows XP applications that won’t run natively on Windows Vista/Windows 7, inside the Virtual Windows XP.

What else has changed in Windows 7? Well there has also been much needed and extensive optimisation work to improve boot time, performance, disk operation and power consumption for laptops & other mobile devices. Where Vista really required 2GB of memory, Windows 7 will run quite happily with 1GB. Although RAM is so cheap now days there really is no reason not to upgrade to 2GB, especially if you are going to run the 64-bit version. In tests Windows 7 even boots quicker than Windows XP, which was designed to run on 300Mhz PII CPUs & 128mb RAM. Again, in file transfer & application tests Windows 7 beats both Vista & Windows XP.

Additional new features to Windows 7 include support for touch-enabled displays (such as touch screens), advances in handwriting recognition, support for virtual hard disks, Windows PowerShell, a new version of Windows Media Centre, a redesigned Calculator and an improved version of Paint that makes use of the Ribbon UI as seen in Office 2007.

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